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The SW Graduate School of Banking (SWGSB) is the financial services industry's best source for education, training and information – designed specifically for bank officers. It is considered by many to be the nation's top educational source for commercial and consumer lenders, loan and operations officers, bank regulators, as well as marketing and management professionals.

Bank officer training and development is the key to success in the financial services industry. In fact, a top graduate school of banking can be a game changer for your career. From a banking school program designed as a "masters in leadership" to a new corporate campus, Southern Methodist University's graduate school of banking offers a unique educational advantage. Its faculty are drawn from the country's top banking experts, bank regulators, consultants, economists, loan and commercial lending authorities, insurers, bankers, and banking law authorities. Its participants hail from the nation's most efficiently run banks, regulatory agencies and bank-affiliated organizations. Add the industry's best graduate school of banking scholarship program and our all new online bank simulation, BankCEO, and the decision becomes clear.

The SWGSB Experience

You attend classes on all aspects of bank management training. This "big-picture" focus accomplishes two purposes for bankers education: it produces better current performance; and it lays the groundwork for expanded responsibilities. At SW Graduate School of Banking (SWGSB), we provide an atmosphere that fosters friendships and professional alliances. We call it the "SWGSB Experience" — and it brings out the best in people, profits and bank performance.

You can tailor the curriculum to your own interests and area of specialization through a wide selection of electives. By joining bankers from across the country and a wide variety of financial institutions, regulatory agencies and bank-affiliated organizations, you'll gain an understanding of the industry as well as new approaches to delivering peak performance.

Classes are held at Southern Methodist University's Cox School of Business, which Businessweek ranks among America's finest. SWGSB graduates fill the senior ranks of financial institutions and regulatory agencies nationwide. Instruction is characterized by:

  • Small classes
  • Exceptional faculty-student interaction
  • Leadership Development

Program Dates and Investment

  • Monday, May 29, 2017 - Thursday, June 08, 2017
  • $4,395 (per year) — inclusive of tuition, room and board, and all digital classroom materials.

Who Should Attend

  • Financial services managers with a minimum of three years' experience, currently in mid- or senior-level management positions
  • Technical professionals making a transition into management
  • Those who hold a management position at a federal or state regulatory agency, non-bank financial subsidiary of a bank holding company, or a firm providing services to banks.
SW Graduate School of Banking Learning Pyramid


The freshman year forms the base of the SWGSB Learning Pyramid. It is devoted to banking essentials and analytical skills.

The second — or what we term the junior year — covers management functions, departments, and products.

The final or senior year forms the apex of the pyramid. Here the focus is on strategic visioning and long-range planning. It affords a rare opportunity to assess a particular institution's strengths and weaknesses, and evaluate how well it will compete in the new millennium.

Living Case Study

No other banking program in the country offers this highly effective teaching method. The Living Case Study brings to life what other schools only teach on paper. At SWGSB, you have a rare opportunity to analyze and study a real-world bank, propose changes, and interact with its top management. It's a unique and effective way to "test drive" your education and learn what it takes to lead a financial institution into the 21st century. Year after year, your peers rate this as one of the best aspects of the program.

Exclusive Online Simulation: BankCEO

BankCEO is SWGSB's own exclusive bank simulation technology. This unique interactive learning environment provides a vastly superior approach to acquire knowledge of the total bank. With interactive screens, test runs, instant results, and displays that compare teams using various criteria and statistics, BankCEO offers participants unparalleled insights. The result is a one-of-a-kind experience that distills years of bank management down to a series of well-focused decisions and applications.

Other Programs

By attending SWGSB Foundation programs, participants are assured of education at the corporate level. Unlike its peers, SWGSB Foundation conducts educational programs year round, including:


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