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Southern Methodist University
Dallas, Texas
April 25-30, 2021

Agricultural Lending School
April 25-30, 2021

The Agricultural Commercial Lending School provides expert instruction on the analytics of agri-business. Perfect for lenders working with agricultural business loans, students will hone their skills in building reliable projections in an environment of commodity price volatility, and employing agri-business-specific inspection techniques.

Agricultural Lending Courses

  • Market Intelligence:  Making Good Use of Borrower Interviews
  • Integrated Approach to Financial Statement Analysis
  • Case Studies in the World of Agriculture - Loan Workout
  • Financing the Dairy Industry (Elective)
  • Financing the Cattle Industry (Elective)
  • Financing the Poultry Industry (Elective)
  • Financing the Row Crop Industry (Elective)
  • Case Studies in Agricultural Credit Risk Management
  • U.S. Agricultural Outlook:  Where Are We in the Credit Cycle?
  • Lender Risk Management Tools
  • Unique Features of Agricultural Appraisals
  • Unique Features of Agricultural Title Work
  • Clause and Effect:  Good Deal Gone Bad

Upon completing the School, you will earn the ABA Agricultural Commercial Lending School Certificate.

Note: The optional online pre-program workshop, ABA Financial Statement Analysis for Lenders is open to Agricultural Commercial Lending School students in need of a refresher.