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The Commercial Lending Schools take a leadership approach to the complex challenges you face each day.
American Bankers Association
Commercial Lending Schools
Southern Methodist University
Dallas, Texas
April 23-28, 2023
American Bankers Association
Financial Statement Analysis
Southern Methodist University
Dallas, Texas

Foundational Commercial Lending School
April 23-28, 2023

For those in the earlier stages of their careers, the ABA Foundational Commercial Lending School teaches the transactional knowledge you need to lend with precision.

  • Learn the fundamentals of credit, analysis, pricing, and strategy.
  • Participate in online bank loan simulations that model real-life bid sessions.
  • Return to your bank with career enhancing, professional skills that deliver results.

Foundational Courses

  • Bank Loan Simulations and Debrief
  • Banking, the Economy and Credit Outlook
  • Evaluating the Commercial Borrower’s Loan Request: The Importance of Cash Flow
  • Underwriting the Loan Request
  • Specialized Lending: CRE
  • Evaluating the Commercial Borrower’s Business Strategy
  • An Introduction to Credit Risk Management: Credit Policy and Credit Culture
  • Developing the Credit Memo
  • Fraud I: Methods, Detection and Prevention
  • Underwriting Case Study
  • Fundamentals of Asset Based Lending
  • Monitoring Your Commercial Loan Portfolio

"My career took off after attending the school because I was able to see how important it was to look at all aspects of a request, and I also gained a better understanding of regulatory concerns regarding the portfolio of the bank. Until I attended the school there were things I was aware of on the management level, but I didn’t fully understand those concerns until I attended the school."
- Daylin Hash, Senior Vice President Commercial Loan Officer, First United Bank

Bank Loan Simulation

Unique to the ABA Foundational Commercial Lending School is the Bank LoanSim program. This practical skill-building simulation puts you in the driver seat through real-life loan scenarios. Throughout the week, as part of the Foundational program, you'll take part in online loan simulations that model real-life bid sessions. This signature offering of the curriculum provides you with hands-on experience in credit decisioning accuracy, credit selection and relationship pricing as you set goals and develop a loan portfolio.

As the simulations move you from credit analyst to senior commercial loan manager, you'll gain vital skills in a fun, practice environment. You'll take in deposits, generate new loans and enjoy friendly competition with your fellow students!

Upon completing the School, you will earn the ABA Foundational Commercial Lending School Certificate.

Note: Attendees should have an understanding of balance sheets, operation and cash flow statements, and a grasp of auditor reports and ratio analysis. Those who need more training in commercial lending basics can enroll in the optional online pre-program workshop: ABA Financial Statement Analysis for Lenders