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Sussman Releases New Book for 2021

January 2021

Total Wealth, Self-worth: Yins and Yangs of New Book

Finally, someone comes along and takes all those technical financial issues that individuals need to understand about building wealth and puts real life into our thought process.

  • Randall S. James, president of Randall S. James and Associates, and former Texas State Banking Commissioner

Business educators Lyle Sussman and David Dubofsky have proven the improbable with their latest book, Your Total Wealth: The Heart and Soul of Financial Literacy. Making money is about more than … well, making money.

Beyond the bottom line, making money says something about who we are and what our lives should really mean.

Structured along the ancient Taoist philosophy of the yin and yang (dark and bright), Sussman and Dubofsky’s book takes a two-track approach to financial literacy:

First, it defines and explains all the terms, practices and professions of banking, investing and personal finance – the yins.

Then it uses words of historic and contemporary artists, writers, scientists – leaders in all fields – to apply these financial lessons to one’s private life, superimposing human profit over business profit – the yangs.

“Increasing your wealth is a worthwhile pursuit,” Sussman and Dubofsky say in their own statement about the book. “But attaining wealth should never come at the expense of your self-worth and self-respect; that would be a tragedy.”

Sussman and Dubofsky use their yin/yang approach to explain and demystify institutions (the SEC, Federal Reserve, stock exchanges); the tools of financial work (balance sheets, income statements, living wills); financial products (IRAs, annuities, flexible savings accounts), and a long list of other terms that make most laymen’s eyes glaze over (selling short, derivatives, dollar cost averaging). They even take a whack at cryptocurrency.

As Sussman and Dubofsky show, even the driest business lessons contain human lessons. Demonstrating that wealth means more than money makes this book worth the read.

Sussman and Dubofsky are available for interviews by contacting Lyle at The book can be purchased online at For more information, visit