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Directors to Convene at Certified Community Bank Director's Program in Dallas – October 21-23, 2021

July 2021

Dallas, Texas—July 2021— the SW Graduate School of Banking (SWGSB) Foundation will convene this year's Certified Community Bank Director's Program at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas, October 21-23, 2021. Bank directors from throughout the United States will participate in a program that includes strategist S. Scott MacDonald, strategic consultant R. Jay Phillips, compliance expert Karen M. Neeley, regulatory manager Kelly Goulart, capital market strategist Todd Wentz, credit risk management consultant Merrill Reynolds, bank attorney Sanford Brown, investment expert Blake Scharlach and balance sheet expert James Clarke.

"From its inception, the Certified Community Bank Director’s Program has received high praise and record attendance," SWGSB Foundation president S. Scott MacDonald, Ph.D., said. "Community banks nationwide are eager to give their directors every advantage to serve successfully in their fiduciary roles. Regulators applaud the educational efforts to raise and maintain bank board standards of excellence. Everyone benefits from superior governance and best practices that lead to a more solid financial system – customers as well as the communities they serve."

The Certified Community Bank Director's Program is split into two levels and will cover a number of important topics. Level 1 includes "Corporate Governance and the Role of a Board Member" (MacDonald); "Understanding Performance Metrics" (Phillips); "The Director's Role in BSA and AML Compliance" (Neeley); "Risk Management" (MacDonald); and "Today's Most Important Compliance Topics" (Goulart). Level 2 includes "The Director's Role in Credit Risk Management" (Reynolds); "Corporate Governance and the Compliance Function" (Brown); Balance Sheet Management (Scharlach); "Strategic Performance: How Does Your Institution Measure Up?" (MacDonald); "Understanding Interest Rate Risk" (Clarke). There will also be a panel discussion with Level 1 and Level 2 combined.

For Workshop registration and other information, please write, call, or e-mail: SWGSB, SMU Box 214, Dallas, Texas, 75275; (214) 768-2991; The SWGSB website is Registrations can also be made directly online at


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