Banking Schools

SW Graduate School of Banking

The SW Graduate School of Banking provides world-class education to develop banking leaders who elevate their organizations, industry, and community. This flagship program is a three-year graduate course of study designed to prepare participants for a successful banking career.


Director Training

Assemblies for Bank Directors

The SWGSB Assemblies for Bank Directors attract directors and senior management from across the country to discuss the latest issues affecting the industry. From nationally known authorities on corporate governance to leading experts on risk management, our assemblies provide the knowledge to execute board duties with rigor and intelligence.

National Certified Community Bank Director’s Program (NCCBD)

The National Certified Community Bank Director’s Program (NCCBD) addresses all areas of bank directorship, from duties and responsibilities to the essentials of bank finance. 

This industry-recognized credential is designed to educate, inform, and inspire community directors to be exceptional banking leaders.


Workshops for Bank Directors are also offered to complement the Assemblies for Bank Directors and the Certified Community Bank Director's certification. These workshops provide additional learning around specific issues in the current industry landscape. Because workshops are updated regularly, directors may participate often. These workshops also meet the CCBD certification requirements for additional training or re-certification.

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