The SW Graduate School of Banking at SMU Cox provides world-class education to develop banking leaders who elevate their industry and community.

Founded in 1957 by a group of Dallas banking leaders and SMU officials, SWGSB was led by professor Richard B. Johnson, Ph.D., for its first 23 years.

Together with some of the industry’s foremost executives and SMU’s leadership, Richard B. Johnson guided the program and established a board of trustees to formally oversee its governance. An excellent innovator and administrator, Johnson added other programs and publications to meet the educational needs of a dynamic financial marketplace.

Under its present leadership, SWGSB at SMU Cox continues to evolve in its offerings and oversees the SW Graduate School of Banking, the ABA Commercial Lending Schools, the Certified Community Bank Director’s Program, the Assemblies for Bank Directors, the Workshops for Bank Directors, the Community Bank Directors Conference, and several key financial services industry partnerships.

Today, we’re known for our exceptional educational experiences, as SWGSB at SMU Cox strives to be the nation’s leading graduate school of banking.

Board of Trustees

Faculty & Staff

William T. Chittenden, Ph.D.

President and CEO

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Seth N. Bennett

IT Manager, Associate Director

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David Davis

Chief Operating Officer, Managing Director

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Merrill J. Reynolds Jr.

Managing Director, National Certified Community Bank Director’s Program

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Edmond J. Seifried

Chief Economist

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Sponsors & Partners

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